Hi, I'm Felipe Pontes

A passionate software engineer who loves to learn and build solutions for real problems.

You can reach me at Twitter, Github, LinkedIn or email.


  • COVID-19 Tools - a set of configurable tools around COVID-19 data including a chart editor, similarity explorer and predictions.
  • COVID-19 Data - an automated dataset of COVID-19 stats from several places in the world.
  • GeoGuide - a web-based environment for analysis, cleaning and visualization of large amounts of spatio-temporal data.
  • SIAC - a project for allow students take self assessment test from anywhere.
  • Dicio - an unofficial API to get data from Dicio.com.br.
  • passando-na-tv - a CLI for Brazilian TV broadcasters.
  • IFRN Messenger - a messaging app to connect students at IFRN.
  • Alpaca - a microservice for mocking API requests.
  • sinonimos - a CLI for finding synonyms

More projects

  • OBI - a collection of resolutions of Brazilian Olympiad in Informatics problems.
  • Liturgia - a scraper script to track the Daily Readings.
  • Racing - a racing game with many modes and difficulties.
  • Catherine - a RESTful API for developers and students create applications that integrate an API.
  • What's the Chelsea's next match? - a React web app to know the next match of Chelsea FC.
  • Batalha Naval - a JavaScript version of Battleship game.
  • Combate ao Aedes - an app to remember to perform tasks to prevent the mosquito Aedes aegypti.
  • Me Nota - an instant messaging app for Windows Phone.
  • Lucky Challenge - a JavaScript game just for fun.
  • iReport - a .NET system for school/college management that includes courses, subjects and report cards.
  • Sales - a .NET system for store management.

Check out more on my GitHub profile.

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